Web Link Validator:
The Broken Links Doctor

Web Link Validator is a powerful link checker and site management tool for webmasters to check links for accuracy and availability, finding broken links and links containing syntactic errors.

The program can easily handle websites containing hundreds of thousands of links (including the links coded with JavaScript and Flash, or embedded in the image maps, scripts, applets and forms). It offers a number of features that help webmasters dramatically improve the site processing speed and use system resources in a more efficient manner.

Web Link Validator is an essential solution for site administrators, web developers and anyone else who wants to maintain the quality of their sites. It will improve your potential customer's website experience by keeping track of broken links and checking the accuracy of your HTML code.

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REL Link Checker

REL Link Checker Lite

REL Link Checker Lite is a free easy-to-use link checker tool to help you maintain the accuracy of links on your website. The program will help you easily locate broken links and links containing syntactic errors.

If you are a professional web developer, or have to manage a large site, consider downloading Web Link Validator instead. The lite version is suitable for casual webmasters and is only designed to check a small website or homepage with up to 1000 links.

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