How to Check Really Large Websites

Sometimes, when you need to check a large site or a site with a large number of cross-linked pages, the program may require more RAM or processor power than you have.

If you need to check a site with 10,000 pages each of which is linked to 100 other pages of the site, this task will require approximately the same amount of RAM as 1 page with 1,000,000 links.

In most cases you can solve the problem by adding more RAM and/or upgrading the processor. But this doesn't always help. That's why Web Link Validator features special settings that let you dramatically improve the site processing speed and save up to 80% of RAM. This is achieved due to minor functionality losses: the information about the links found at a specific page (link properties->children tab) and location of a specific link (link properties->parents tab) will be saved for the broken links only. Thus, the main objective of a website check - finding broken links will not suffer.

If you face the problems described above, the first thing you should try to do is select the Keep record of the broken and redirected links only option (Action -> Profile -> Resource Utilization) - in most cases this should help.

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