Link List


Toolbar buttons provide shortcuts for most program commands:

Create new document.
Open an existing document.
Save the current document.
Save the document under a different name.
Select all links.
Verify the selected links.
Stop the link verification process.
Delete the selected links.
Start monitoring clipboard for URLs.
Open the selected link in browser window.
Copy the URL to clipboard.
Import the browser bookmarks.

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List of Links Pane

This pane contains the list of links. Each link is represented by a single line and has the following properties: Status, Error, URL, Comment, Verification Time, Size, Content Type, Date Modified, Date Verified and Redirected to.

All actions (verify, abort, delete) apply to selected URLs only.

Use the Select All button () to select all links.
Use Shift + Arrow or  hold and drag the left mouse button to select a group of successive links.
Use Ctrl + left mouse button to select individual links (hold the Ctrl key and click the links you want to select).

Pressing Verify button () starts verification process for the selected links. The following icons reflect the current status and verification results for each link:

Was added to the list, but not selected for verification.
Queued for verification.
Verification in progress.
Had been selected for verification, but the process was stopped.
Broken link. The reason of failure is described in the "Error" column.
The link is successfully verified.
Unsupported link.

You can sort the list by clicking on the corresponding column header (Status, Error, URL, Comment, Verification Time, Size, Content Type, Date Modified, Date Verified, Redirected to).

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Status Bar

Status Bar reflects the current status of the program, clipboard monitoring mode (OFF or ON), verification process (In progress / Queued / Completed). The number beside the clipboard monitoring icon () shows the number of links added to the current list using this function.

If the link verification process is started, you can see in the status bar three numbers separated with "/": the first number stands for links being verified, the second number - links awaiting verification, the third number - verified links.

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