Website Verification Process Window

Progress Bar

Indicates the overall completion status.


Added - number of links added to the link database.

Verified - number of links that have been verified.

Good links - number of links that have been verified and caused no errors.

Broken links - number of broken links.

Redirected links - number of links redirecting to a different page.

Pages processed - number of pages available behind the verified links.

Queued - number of links currently awaiting the verification.

Verifying - number of links being currently verified.

Internal - number of pages stored on the same level or below the starting page.

External - number of pages stored higher than the starting page or on a different domain.

Total - total number of links (both internal and external).

Status of Links

The link is being processed.
The link is awaiting the verification.
The link is verified and found Good.
The link is verified and found Broken.

Automatically close when finished - closes this window automatically when the verification is complete.