How to Find Specific Text on the Website

To find a specific text on a website, use Page Rules, which are designed for evaluating pages against certain conditions and confirming the absence or presence of specific display text, tag text, links, scripting, forms, etc. generated by your code.

For example, we need to know, which pages on the website contain the Google Analytics code. To find that out:

1. Create a new profile or open an existing profile.

2. Select Page Rules.

3. Create a new rule: click on the icon by the List of Page Rules field and then select New on the drop-down menu.

4. In the Page rule name field, enter any name, for example:

Google Analytics

5. Select condition:

The rule fails if all masks from the list match

6. In the The page will be added to the 'Failed page rules' report if all of the following masks match field, add the mask:


7. Click Start to start the verification.

8. After the verification, select the Failed page rules filter.

9. Select a link, click Link Properties button and see the Page Rules tab.

Also, you can generate the Failed page rules report: Action -> Report.