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New - Creates new document.
Open... - Opens an existing document.
Save - Saves the current document.
Save As... - Saves the current document under a different name or in a different folder.
 » List of URLs - A plain URL list. This option creates a text file that contains a list of URLs.
 » Text File - A list of URLs in text format.
 » HTML file - A list of URLs in HTML format.
 » Rich Text Format - A list of URLs in RTF format.
 » Microsoft Excel - A list of URLs in Microsoft Excel format.
 » List of URLs - Imports a list of URLs from a text file. Each string of this file must be a valid URL.
Exit - Quits the program.


Address Bar - Shows/hides the address bar.
Log - Shows/hides the log window.
Status Bar - Shows/hides the status bar.
Toolbar - Shows/hides control panel.
 » Column separators - Shows/hides line separators.
 » Row separators - Shows/hides row separators.
 » Simple colors - Switches to simple color mode.
 » Multiple colors - Switches to multiple color mode.
Text under Buttons - Shows text under the toolbar icons.
Large Buttons - Displays large toolbar icons.
Options - Opens Program Options window.


Monitor Clipboard - When this option is checked, REL Link Checker Lite tracks the clipboard for valid URLs and adds them to the current list. You can also change this setting in Program options window.
Open using Browser - Opens the selected link in browser window.
Copy to Clipboard - Copies the URL to clipboard.
Select All - Selects all links.
Verify - Verifies the selected links.
Stop - Stops the link verification process.
Delete - Deletes the selected links.
Retrieve URLs - Retrieves all links from a web-page, directory or site.


Help Contents - Displays help.
Home Page - Starts your default browser and opens REL Software Home Page.
About - Displays program information, version number and copyright.