Retrieve URLs from a Web Site Window

"Retrieve URLs from a web site" window includes several essential parts: toolbar, address bar, list of links and status bar.


Basic commands:

 Move all marked URLs to the main list for verification.
 Invert selection.
 Stop the process of links retrieval.
 Delete all retrieved links.

Exploration depth in links retrieval mode:

 Retrieve links from the specified page only.
 Retrieve links only from pages within the specified path.
 Retrieve links from the entire site.

Address Bar

Enter the IP-address or domain name you want to retrieve the links from. Press "Start" () to start the retrieval process.

If you select a base HTML folder then it is important to put a "/" at the end of the folder address. For example, you should use


List of URLs

This window contains the list of URLs. Each link is represented by a row in the list and has the following properties: Select, Level, Status, Error, URL, Parent URL.

During the links retrieval process all links found on a specified page (or within the specified path or site) are added to the list. If the link has relative path it is automatically verified. The following icons reflect the current status and the verification result:

 Queued for verification.
 Verification in progress.
 Was selected for verification, but the process has been aborted.
 The link points to a different site or the selected mode does not allow to verify this link automatically. The link should be copied to the main program window and verified there.
 The link is successfully verified.
 Verification failed. The reason of failure is described in "Error" column. If you need a more detailed report, copy the link to main program window and view the verification log file.

Status Bar

During the links retrieval process you can see in the status bar three numbers separated with "/": the first number stands for links being verified, the second number - links awaiting verification, the third number - verified links.