Toolbar buttons provide shortcuts for most program commands:

 Creates new document.
 Opens an existing document.
 Saves the current document.
 Saves the document under a different name.
 Exports the list of URLs.
 Imports the list of URLs.
 Opens Program Options window.
 Selects all links.
 Verifies the selected links.
 Stops the link verification process.
 Deletes the selected links.
 Retrieves all links from a web-page, directory or site.
 Starts monitoring clipboard for URLs.
 Opens the selected link in browser window.
 Copies the URL to clipboard.
 Displays program help.
 Displays Tip of the Day.
 Starts your default browser and opens REL Software Home Page.
 Displays program information, version number and copyright.

Customizing the Toolbar

Use View --> Toolbar to show/hide the toolbar.

Right-clicking on the toolbar opens context menu that allows you to customize the toolbar. Use this menu to choose the buttons that will be visible on the toolbar.

Use View --> Large Buttons to increase/decrease toolbar buttons size.

Use View --> Text under Buttons to show/hide buttons captions.